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Liberty gear noise

I have gear noise in my 2007 Liberty 4 X 4. It sounds like it is coming from the rear axle and is more pronounced under acceleration or decelleration.

Have you checked the level of the oil in the rear differential?
Have you ever had the diff oil changed?

How many miles does this Liberty have?

Noises from the tranny, such as those from worn synchros, can sound like they’re coming from the rear end. Having said that, there is a way to inspect the rear end. I’ve linked you to an “exploded view” of how your rear end is constructed. You should be able to remove the rear cover (drain it firat for less mess) and inspect the ring gear for wear. I linked you to a second site that’ll tell you what to look for.

I had the fluids changed in the entire drive line (transaxle, transfer case and rear diff) at 36,000 miles. The “quick lube” guy put the synthetic in the wrong place and changed it again after about 5000 miles. The fluid level is where it should be.

The Liberty has nearly 52,000 miles. It has an automatic transmission.

“The “quick lube” guy…”


Unfortunately, those words usually precede a description of damage that has been done to someone’s—
(pick one or more)

Brake Hydraulic System
Cooling System

For the sake of your vehicle, DO NOT continue to patronize these quicky-lube places.
The error rate at these places is…appalling, and the known error as well as some unknown error could be the source of the problem.

Are you sure that the correct specification lube was used when he changed it again?