Electric Windows

I have a 2006 Grand Jeep Cherokee with 40,000 miles. The electric windows will not operate when I start the car. After 25-40 minutes of driving the lights on the window buttons come on and then I can operate them? Any ideas for a fix?

I suspect you may have a break in one of the wires between the body and the driver’s door. It’s due to all the opening and closing. Does it make any differnece if you try it while moving the door through its entire range? This may require a trip to a shop versed in electrical repair.

There’s a loose connection at the window switch or a bad wire somewhere, as MG McAnick suggests. This could be difficult to find, and require lots of patience and testing. Removal of the door panel will almost surely be required, but this is not really a big deal.

Is this vehicle still under warranty? if so, take it to a Jeep dealer and let them fix it for you.

Obviously, you’ve been opening and closing your doors too much. You need to learn to climb in and out through the windows, Dukes of Hazzard style.