Good tires from a good place


The time has come once again to buy new tires for my 98 Toyota Tacoma 4x4. Seeing as how this is a major purchase for my budget I want to get good tires at a good price. But I’d also like to buy them from a reputable dealer. It seems like I hear horror stories about all the tire stores in my town. Are any of them better than any others? And does anyone have any good recommendations for specific tires for my truck? Thanks, and good times.


Try There is lots of info there, the prices are good also.


They’re good, and so is discounttiredirect. Got some Yoko ES100’s from there a good deal cheaper than anywhere in town was selling 'em.


I would also recommend (and have personally used) TireRavk.


I bought my last set at Sears. You can select your tires online and if your local store does not have them in stock they will get them in 24 hours and give you a phone call.


I got a set of Uniroyal Cross Country tires for my 2000 Blazer 4x4 from BJs. BJs includes installation, balancing, road hazard, rotations in the price. They’re quiet and handle well in the rain on road and seem ok for light off-roading (Jersey Pine Barrens). I’ll probably replace them with Firestone Destination ATs (more aggressive tread) from Tirerack when the time comes. Tirerack is a good place to research tires, I’m planning to order tires for my 93 Caprice from them. Pep Boys has good tire prices, but their installation packages can get very expensive.

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Personally I only use Goodyear now and have found that on a cost per mile basis, they do very well. Other brands may be cheaper on the initial cost but will wear faster, develope problems before worn out, be noisier and so on.

You can buy from tire rack but you still have to get them installed and balanced some place and still have to pay to dispose of the old tires. Most of the Goodyear dealers now offer lifetime balancing and rotation which can save you money in the long run. I’ve had no luck with Cooper, Dayton, Goodrich, even Michelin, over the years.


always compare the mounted & balanced price to mnounted & balanced price. For Tire rack count on about $10 per tire for shipping plus about 20-25 for mounting and balancing and maybe 3 FOR DISPOSAL Many tires hsops, including sears only provide the tire price and may even disCount that and it looks great. then they kill you with mounting and balancing and taxes, pEP bOYS ETC. . remember tire rack has shipping but no taxes (PAY TO BALANCE, INSTALL AND DISPOSAL FEE) , tire dealers have taxes plus mounting balancing and disposal fees. Ask for total cost after everything if you truly want to compare prices.
I have had good luck with Kumho, Yokohamas, and Fuzion
michilins are great tires, just way overpriced, each one is individually inspected etc etc.


If you’re in or near Canada, go to Canadian Tire. The Motomaster brand tires are as good as brand name tires (actually, they’re probably made by a reputable manufacturer) but they cost much less.


Is that the Russian version of Tire Rack? :wink:


I’ll throw another brand at ya…Cooper Discovery. Been using them for the past 10 6 years…They last about 50k miles and cost about 50% less then Michelins. Great all around tire. The Discovery ATR’s are really good in snow too.