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Michelin pilot tires

Friends car came with Michelin pilot tires. Does he need to stay with pilot level tires? It’s an accord. Just a question.

This is where you just stay out of this conversation . If they can’t figure out that they can put any brand of tire on this thing at a price they want to pay what ever you suggest will be wrong. They need to talk to a tire shop that way if they are not pleased at least they will be mad at the shop instead of you.

For petes sake people buy tires while they are shopping at Sams Wholesale or Costco .


Doorknob. Friend asks if he needs pilot tires. Your response is an indication of your breeding.


Huh? Did you switch from a one tire price to 4 tire price? So $660 a set with “free” shipping? Add in mounting and balancing and you get roughly $740 a set out the door with tire Rack vs $975 for Peppy Buoys.

Is Peppy Buoys selling road hazard warranty and free lifetime balance for $235 on top of that? Seems very clear buying from TireRack is the better deal. TireRack also shows H rated tires for this car which seems to tell me it doesn’t require V rated tires. Check that label yourself.

That tire IS the cheapest Michelin that Tire Rack lists. There really isn’t a “cheap” Michelin. The cheapest tire TR lists for this car is a Riken Raptor all-season for $80 a tire. The cheapest I’d consider is the Kumho Ecsta PS31 for $90 each. It is a V rated tire so no issues with that.

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The current Pilot tires have a 98 load index and a speed rating of Y. He can use anything with those ratings or higher of the correct size. Cross check the load and speed ratings on the tires to see if they are different. Go by the ratings on the tires.

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Michelin’s Pilot line of tires are for those who drive in a “sporty” manner, and who want excellent handling/roadholding in “extreme” situations. However, we have no idea whether your friend drives like Grandma, or if he drives like a reckless adolescent, or where his driving style might fall between those two extremes. Ergo, none of us can determine via cyberspace whether he needs that type of tire.

In other words, a more plebian type of tire might suffice, or it might not, but none of us have any way of knowing that.


Seems to be a favorite of Honda/Acura. One of our TLs came with them. I saw no reason to replace them with the same.

Just tell him no, he doesn’t need to buy the exact same tires. Any good quality tires, Goodyear, Firestone, General, Cooper, etc. that fit his car will be fine. Beyond that, let the folks at the tire store make the recommendations. I personally don’t pay much attention to speed ratings; my current tires are rated for 130mph and my car couldn’t go that fast downhill with a tailwind, LOL. BTW, as an aside, the folks at Firestone have never asked me about my driving habits, just what car I drive.

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