Tires for toyota highlander

The tires that came with my highlander lasted 60,000 miles. We replaced them with Goodyear Integrity (pperhaps XL-- don’t have that info handy which only lasted 30.000 miles. What is a good tire that is not too pricey?

purchase the original tires again…or look up tire reviews on

i agree. has some decent info on tires that you can get for your car.

The General Grabber HTS at $105 was recommended for SUV’s. Where? Consumer Reports November 2009 issue which is still on sale.

I sure hope General has improved their Grabber tires…Last time I bought them…they lasted MAYBE 25k miles.

Here’s a discussion about tires. It will help you prioritize tire attributes. Note too, that Tire Rack customer surveys show the Integrity near the bottom of the list. You might also look at tires on Tire Rack. If you only use the truck on road, passenger all-season tires might work (that’s what you have now). The second URL takes you to the survey main page. Get a list of tires you like and see which ones are sold locally. You might consider buying them from Tire Rack and have them delivered to a local shop that will mount them.


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