2004 Honda Odyssey: a THUNK when putting the car in reverse

I have a 2004 Honda Odyssey with about 64K miles on it. First thing each morning, when I put the minivan in reverse, there’s a noticeable THUNK. It doesn’t do it again the rest of the day when putting the vehicle in reverse, and it never does it when I put the car in drive or park.

Also, it does it the first time the vehicle is driven that day, no matter what time of the day. Today, for example, I didn’t use it until around noon, and it still happened.

We still have an active warranty, so I hope that if there’s something wrong, it will be covered. In the meantime, though, I’m not sure if this is something that should concern me. I don’t recall it ever doing something like that in the past. This is something that seems to have started in the past couple months.


Fluid full? Very high rpms when shifting?

Weak Engine Or Transmission Mount(s)? Part Of Exhaust System Moving On Hangers and Hitting?

Can you tell if the noise comes from in front, behind, or below you? Where does it sound like it comes from?

Given Honda’s record of bad motor mounts on the Odyssey, I think that the OP should have the motor mounts (and the transmission mounts) checked out a.s.a.p. While it is under warranty, this expensive repair will be on Honda’s dime.

Why expensive? I mean mounts are much cheaper than the whole tranny. I did the mounts on my Galant myself, not bad at all. Mine had the same exact problem except that the 2nd and 3rd time had a weaker thunk. I jack supported the tranny and tried the reverse and the thunk was gone, so I was sure it is not internal tranny issue, that is almost.

A few of the many people who have posted about their motor mount problems with their Odyssey mentioned the price that they had to pay, and it floored me.

If I recall correctly, they paid something north of $700.00 for replacement of the motor mounts since their vehicles were no longer under warranty. Cheaper than a transmission, to be sure, but not cheap.

Probably not relevant, but I paid ~$35 to $70 for the different mounts on my Galant and Mitsu’s have a reputation of bad after market support and expensive parts. I though a Honda would not be higher.

This One Might Be Just Starting To Work Into What Your’s Did. That Could Be Soon.
“Mine had the same exact problem except that the 2nd and 3rd time had a weaker thunk.”

Brad, I Would Get It Checked ASAP.

It might not be dangerous at this point. However, bad mounts causing the motor to jump is never a good thing. More damage could result or it could be dangerous, eventually. Should this not be a case of bad mounts, it shoudn’t be going THUNK, anyhow. Let Honda sort it out. Don’t settle for “they all do that”. You know that’s not the case. You said, " I don’t recall it ever doing something like that in the past."

Thanks for the replies, everyone.

The noise seems to come from the front, near the engine. I don’t know a lot about cars, so I assumed a transmission problem. I haven’t noticed any RPM issues, and I haven’t had any warning lights about the fluid. However, I should have had the transmission fluid replaced at 45K miles, according to the manual, and didn’t. I hope that doesn’t bite me on the butt when I go in.

I’m going to take it to the dealership on Thursday, which is the first chance I have this week. I guess it’s good I bought that extended warranty, since I’ve already had it in for a few things. I’m surprised, since Hondas tend to be rated highly and I know a few people who have put 100K+ or even 200K+ miles on Hondas with no major problems. Maybe we’ll go with Toyota next time.

You’re Welcome Brad. I Wouldn’t Assume That This Is A Major Problem.

It is something that should concern you especially since it can get fixed under warranty, as it will probably only get worse. In addition to the most excellent posts above ujoint is another possibility. Leave it overnight at the dealer if you have to but get it fixed at no cost now!