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Is it the transmission causing the symptoms?

We live in Chicago. These symptons just began. They occur when it is cold. They don’t always occur.

Here’s what we experience. When starting from a standing stop we hear a clunk. Then a second or two later the car speeds up. Also sometimes we hear a clunk when we put the car in reverse.

HOnds says we need a new trans and a rear enging mount.

Has anyone had a similar experience? What did you find out to be causeing the problem.

There are 70000 miles on our 2004 Honda Odyssey

This could easily be caused by a faulty engine/transmission mount, just as the dealer said.

Or did the dealer say you need a new transmission? There’s a huge difference between a transmission mount and a transmission.

He said I needed both.

If we replaced the rear mount, as they suggested, am I correct in saying that it might OR MIGHT NOT correct the problem?

Other than the trans or the mount or both causing the symptoms described, are there any other possible causes?

What is your experience with cars?

tx — don

The fact that its an Odyssey is the cause of the problems. Unfortunately, you’ve got a vehicle that is known for developing serious transmission problems. There are whole websites devoted to the problem. You don’t have that many miles on it. You should push Honda (go all the way to corporate if you have to) for a goodwill repair.

Engine mounts are also a common problem.