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2004 Honda Civic dashboard rattling

I have a 2004 Honda Civic DX (VP), and I have an exterme problem with the dashboard rattling, my shocks are in good condition, as well as my tires. The ride is a smooth ride, but the darn thing just does not stop rattling. Any ideas?? Thanks! Also it’s coming from the passenger side of the dash.

The only thing that ever works, and then only sometimes, is to have someone else drive the car and get the dash rattling, then you, sitting in the passenger seat, touch and press lightly on everything, one point at a time. If you discover the source of the rattle, maybe you can fix it. Don’t forget to completely empty the glove compartment first. With it open you can reach into the area behind the dash by reaching up inside the open door.

Are you sure it’s not something inside the glove compartment? Remember, the position of objects is different when the door is closed than when it is opened.

I had an annoying rattle in my Acura that turned out to be a pen tapping against the top (back when closed) of the glove compartment. Rearranging things stopped the noise.

If it really is something under the dashboard it may be difficult to locate. Has any work been done that would require removing all or part of the dashboard? Radio replacement, heater control repair, anything like that?

Just a couple of unlikely things that caused rattles in my 2000 Blazer. A horrendous rattle in the dash was caused by loose hood hinge bolts. Shove a piece of cardboard into the hinge to see if that makes a difference. Another rattle was from the CD cases in the center console holder, that also sounded like a dash rattle.

Ed B.