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Rattling - 2002 Honda Civic EX Manual

My Honda makes this rattling noise. I noticed it only a few times on the freeway a few weeks ago, but it went away after breaking. But now it happens a lot more often, but only most of the time.

I can’t figure out what the common denominator is among the times it does rattle. Any speed, any gear, any rpm, uphill, downhill, flat, a/c on or off. I just replaced the clutch (it needed it, unrelated problem) but it started just before replacing the clutch, and now is worse. Up until today, it would completely stop when I hit the breaks, or even just tapped them (though resume when I lifted my foot). Then today, that doesn’t have the same effect…it takes a lot more pressure/time to make it stop. It seems to be coming from the front passenger side, but sometimes sounds like it could be coming from the passenger back.

Any ideas?

Probably an exhaust shield or something similar that can be re welded with the right guy for minimal dollars.

Is there a way to check that myself? See if that’s what needs doing before calling around? How much does a blow torch cost? Can I use duct tape?

That would be my first guess too. The only way to find out is under the car.

If you want to check yourself, get some ramps, some chocks, some leather work gloves, some corrugated cardboard, elevate the car SAFELY on the ramps, slide underneath, put the gloves on, and start shaking things.