2004 Honda Accord V6

We have a 2004 Honda Accord V6 with 178,000 miles and the car is giving us some issues. We can drive the car for 10-15 minutes with no issues. Then when we push on the gas pedal, the car will not go any farther and the engine just revs. If we turn the car off and restart it, the car will continue to drive. There are no check engine lights on the car. Could these be a transmission issue? Thank you-

Yes. If you suspect the transmission, get it checked at a good, independent transmission shop. Avoid chains because they don’t pay well. Your mechanic will likely be inexperienced and may not find the real problem.

BTW, how long have you owned it, and how often has the transmission fluid been changed? I assume it has an automaticc transmission.

Take it to the Honda Dealer if the tranny has not been serviced. They use OEM fluid and flush it 3 times along with replacing the filter.

If this is the original transmission, you’ve gotten good service from it. Kiss it bye bye.

Is the transmission fluid at the correct level?

Thanks all. We were able to drive it 15 miles to an independent transmission shop. The last half mile it gave us some trouble. The transmission fluid level is correct and we have owned the car for three years and since it is my daughters car, I do not know about when the transmission fluid has been changed. When we bought it 30,000 miles ago, we did take it to the Honda shop to have the timing belt and water pump changed, along with some other maintenance.