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Honda Accord 2004 V6

OK, the wife had this car lose power on the interstate (only 5 mph) – said she heard a lot of noise (no good description) and smelled rubber burning. Towed to Honda dealer – found nothing wrong even after putting 44 miles on it to try to get it hot. My co-worker said she had a similar problem with a Civic --they found nothing on the computer – happened again, she limped in a 5 mph and they could hear it was the alternator. Alternatively :), web research has shown a LOT of problems with the 2004 V6 transmission. Would love your insights on what the hell is going on? Any way to nail this down?

I have had the same problem: same car, same year, same model. I experienced the same initial problem, severe and sudden reduction in speed, some noise, etc. Took it to a shop and had the trans flushed, now it just slips like crazy when driving it.

My own internet research has shown that these transmissions have a strong tendency to develop solenoid issues with time (though not necessarily mileage as mine only has about 75k on it). I haven’t yet committed to having the transmission torn down for an evaluation though. You can see my post on this here:

I know this doesn’t really help you out but I’m trying to get answers to this as well. Did it have any issues leading up to the problem?