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Mysterious Ignition Problem?

Engine quit while running at 70 mph on interstate, apparently no ignition. After truck was towed to garage it stated immediately. Occasionally will not start but then later, like next day, it will start with no problem. Most recently would not start after being used and had to again be towed. When dropped off at the garage it started immediately. Truck, 2004, automatic, 6 cylinders, was purchased used with 42,000 miles. Any help or knowledge would be appreciated.

My first suspect would be the ignition switch or a bad connection to/from it. You may be able to pin the trouble down by running the engine and tapping on suspected trouble areas with something like a screwdriver handle.

Good suggestion Cougar.

I would like to know what EXACTLY does (or does not) occur when you turn the key on.

Dash lights, warning indicators, CEL?

If it hasn’t been done by now, have the OBDC-2 checked for codes. The CEL doesn’t always illuminate when a code is set.

One more thing: what, (if any) work was done prior to you picking up the truck?

IF you bought the vehicle used, not through Ford Dealer, you are not on the contact list for recalls.

This locksmith always recommends two things when you buy a car:

  1. go to a franchised dealer and buy a Tree Freshener, and have them put you in the computer with the VIN for that vehicle. They can tell you if the recalsl have been done on that car.

Ignition switches, which carry the current, not just to start but to feed the systems have been a huge FORD problem. They keep expanding the recall to more years and more models.

Even if not recalled, replace it as part of whatever service is done.

  1. While at Dealer, get the key codes for your vehicle. Do not have them make the keys themselves, as most dealers have had a long run of buying low cost equipment that can not come close to the accuracy a locksmith can offer.

If there is no code on file, a locksmith can decode existing keys for you, as well as make PERFECT CNC-Machine produced keys, including chip keys and perform the associated programming.

Jeff Rosen
Terrific locksmith in Boulder Colorado, but not allowed to advertise my business in this fair City.