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2004 GMC Envoy tailgate window won't roll up

Hey there, so my rear tailgate window in my envoy just decided on its own to roll down one day and won’t come back up. We had the actuator replaced and everything was fine for a minute but then it just happened again. The shop we took it to said they used an aftermarket part so they won’t cover it and I’m sol on that front. Any ideas for a fix?

What kind of nonsense is that. After market is probably all that is available for this 15 year old vehicle. Try talking to them again calmly and express that you really expect them to at least determine the problem . Also look at your invoice to see if it states anything about a warranty of 30 days or something .If no satisfaction then join Yelp and other rating sites .

Well you know being the lucky person I am this happened right after any sort of 30 day warranty (if they even have one) expired.

Check if any wires between the lift gate and body have broken.

If they’re fine, then the problem might lie with the rear window control modules.


read your invoice. If they supplied the part, and they did the labor, they should cover it. If not, then do exactly as Volvo said and let other folks know. No one else needs to go to this place.

I just about guarantee that the manufacturer warranties this part for a year. Unless they bought absolute garbage or used, but if that is the case- then you know why it broke again.

beyond that- did you see the window go down? Did it go down like it was under power (like someone was hitting the switch?)
or did it go down all messy and uneven like something inside broke?

You need to take this tailgate apart and see if the connectors at the window motor are getting power and ground. If so- then you have a bad window motor. If not, then you likely have a broken or shorted wire somewhere, likely in the bend of the liftgate.
This shouldn’t be a hard problem to diagnose.

Have you looked at the invoice , I just used 30 days . Some are longer than that .

The shortest warranty period I ever heard of!
I guess you meant a month?
Personally, I would consider that a lesson and not return there looking for any help on it. If they can’t stand behind the products they install or even look to see IF it is the part or something new, then you’re better off elsewhere.


I’ll have to find where my mother stashed it. It’s actually her vehicle and she’s the one who took it in for repair, I’m just trying to get it fixed.

I’ll have to figure out where my mother stashed the invoice, it’s her vehicle and I’m just the one trying to get it fixed at this point.

As for the window she says she witnessed it and said it went down smoothly.

Just for your information , no need to reply to each person . Your replies are seen by everyone .

if it went down smoothly all by itself, then i would fancy a guess that it was under power at that point. So I would look at the switches and control module, or anything else that would supply power to this window. I also kinda wonder if it still has power going to it, and that is why it won’t go up- because it is getting a constant “Down” signal.