2004 Ford Ranger - OBDII HUD

Why do OBDII HUD Head Up Display Windscreen Projector(s) not work in my 2004 Ford Ranger which is OBDII certified? I have tried various brands/models - but devices respond as if plugged into NON-OBDII vehicle.

Have you checked the power fuse to your ODBII port ?, same fuse as cigarette lighter.

thank you for your response. The various HUD devices light up when the car is started, showing temperature and/or battery indicator for a short amount of time, then the devices shut off automatically (as described in the manuals in case installed in a non-OBD certified vehicle). Devices plugged into the cigarette lighter work just fine.

are ya for sure this Ranger is a 2004? Quick search shows some HUD will not work on on pre-2004.

if yes to that, have you tried this device in another vehicle to verify the product actually works?