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2003 ford ranger idiot light

On my dash next to the voltage gage a yellow light lit today that said(check susp).I went to my owners manual and no such light was listed. I then called two local Ford dealers for help. No luck. They said that that light doesent exist on the Rangers. Well it sure does on mine.Anyone got any ideas? Ilooked real close with a flashlight and could just make out Check Susp in the plastic, also the light only stayed an for a couple of minutes then went out. Any ideas would be helpfull. Thanks Buster

I imagine that is a Check Suspension and that that dash is used in many models. It could be a fault in the wiring that doesn’t cause a direct problem, but could represent a wire bundle that is chafing and could lead to something later on. I remember seeing about the same thing on my vehicle and it was an optical illusion that somehow backlit the panel.