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2004 F-550 super Duty 6.0 deisel, power stroke, won't start after change fuel filters

2004 F-550 super Duty, 6.0 diesel engine, V8, power stroke, won’t start after change fuel filters, what’s wrong? any help is appreciated.

Give us a bit more info:

What else was done with the fuel filter change? Why did you change the fuel filters? How many miles on this engine?

Is this with the fuel filters on top of the engine? So the new filters are immersed into the still full fuel bowl?

Just changed both fuel filters, the one under the rail and the one on the top. no thing else was done. There are 173660 miles on the engine.
The truck starts normally before changed filters. but it lose powers when drive about 30-40 minutes, sometime the engine stopped when diving. seems like fuel supply is not efficient.
The fuel filter was replaced at about 163000 miles, at that time the fuel system was clean.
Yet, there were a lot debris in the main filter and the chamber when we replace it. I have pics that shown the debris built up on the filter. the top one was clean.
Thank you for your help again!

Here are pics which shown the debris built up on the filter and in the fuel.

You have to purge the air out of the lines before it will start, but the debris is another matter.

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When the top filter was installed, the were no fuel in the fuel bowl. After re caped the filter, did not open it again, so not sure if there are fuel in the fuel bowl or not.

It started at first time just after when completed filter replacement. but it just run 2-3 minutes, then it died. after that have tried many times, but it won’t start.

How to purge the air out of the line?

usually on these, the fuel pump will purge the air out when you start cranking. Not having fuel in the top filter bowl makes me think there is a fuel delivery problem. Looking at that bottom filter- i think i see it.

After changing the filter, you got it to run a bit, then it died? Drop that bottom fuel filter again and see if it is all gunked up again. I bet it is. Looks like possibly the inside lining of the tank is coming apart and clogging your lines and filters.

Turn the ignition switch on for 30 seconds as if you were initializing the glow plug sequence. Turn the ignition switch off.

Repeat this a half dozen times to re-prime the fuel system.

Start the engine.


Thank you for your comments.
I will take the primary filter off and check it again.

Thank you very much, I did it already, three times for a session, 30 Sec. each, already did three-four times, let me try it again.

On my Olds, I had to have the fitting at the filter cracked open a little to push the air out but that’s the extent of my knowledge. I just know I had to crank and crank without opening up the line a little.

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Same truck, only drive about 5-6 miles, then dies, waiting 5-10 minutes, it can be start and drive a few miles, and dies again. it repeats the same situations! any comments are appreciated!

I wonder if you got a bum filter that is plugged or something. Or drawing air but don’t think air would explain it. I used to have a hard time starting the diesel after a filter change unless I opened the line and purged the air out of it, but that wouldn’t explain your problem. Think I’d swap filters to make sure. Or did you bump a wire or something so it’s shorting out the shut off valve?

You have been given good advice thus far… You absolutely MUST purge that air out of the lines. If you have one of the filters on top of engine that sits in its own “Cup” you can remove the top of the filter housing and (using a container of diesel fuel) fill this cup up to the top and then put the cap back on and cycle the key a few times again. This will speed up the process of purging the air out of the system. You absolutely must get all air out of the system or you wont be going anywhere…diesels are very particular about this particular item.

Look on the internet on how to purge the air from your fuel system… Look on online forums for your specific truck…the guys there will know precisely how to deal with air in the system after a fuel filter change.

FWIW the trash seen in the photo is similar to what I recall seeing in several vehicles years ago that turned out to be the fuel tank inner coating. The flaky trash was plugging up filters repeatedly. All were gasoline engines though.

Did you get the issue fixed from June 2018, or is this new concern still working on that?

June, 2018’s issue has been resolved. This is the new issue, Ford told me the fuel sending unit has a hole, and it suck the air into the line, unless keep the fuel tank full all time. but the fuel tank is been keeping full all time, and it still die after drive a few miles, then have to wait 5-6 minutes to start again. Then repeats the same thing.

It seems like the common sense first thing to try is replace the sending unit. It has to be done eventually in any event, right? I should point out I know nothing about F-550s. In fact this is the first I’ve heard of them.