2011 Ford Ranger - Stalls

engine stalls when letting the clutch out in reverse and i am unable to get the engine to start up after the stalling . But turns over quite easily when i try to start again but will not fire up.

How long does it take before you can start it again?
This is an odd bird.
Check for spark and fuel injector pulses when it refuses to start.

I left over the weekend twice and did not start on monday turned over ok too ., Had it transported back to the garage who . did the 120000 km service , which including 2 fuel filters changed . .I have an extra stanadyne diesel fuel filter fitter since new and had no problems before. I went to the garage today and the car started up after they fiddled with it yesterday , it started up but stalled when put in first gear and then would not start again .Today the mechanic found no fuel in the original filter ,they are taking it off to check out.so i now wait again.

Give us more information and maybe someone here can help.
For instance, I didn’t even know it’s a diesel.

It is a 4x2 xl 2.5l turbo diesel 5 speed manual single cab chassis fitted with a 4x4 clutch assy as the normal clutch had to be replaced under 9500km .

it seems like a fuel delivery problem. maybe a fuel pump.
of a tripped fuel inertia switch.

Thanks Trevor May.

A diesel needs to have fuel in the filters to start and run otherwise it is just pumping air and no fuel into the clyinders.

Thanks again Terry.

Another possible problem if it has a water separator it may need to be drained.

Terry it has a fuel manager filter kit fitted with a water seperator under neath it , that is my extera stanadyne diesel fuel filter which has been on the car since new.

Now you tell us, We are in the states, we haven’t seen a diesel Ranger since 1986.

You have a T-6 Ranger built in Australia, It was never available here in the states.

Terry sorry about that i am in Queensland Australia ,u did well after all that time . Thanks again .The is in my local garage at present its 1234 hours 30 june now.

A time traveler Huh ?, It’s currently 2137 hours 29 June.


Please let us know what the outcome is as we have enquiring minds.

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Yes i will let you know when i receive the car back from the garage the outcome.

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Sounds like they are on the right track, small leaks in the fuel system can cause air to enter the system while parked. The next time you start the engine you have lost the fuel prime.


Yes i will let u know the outcome of the problem when i receive the car back from the garage . Thanks

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Received my ford ranger back yesterday afternoon and the mechanic did the following , Removed fuel filter and checked it out &re fitted . Bleed fuel system & test ok. Allowed the car to sit again for 2 hours before restarted with ease . I picked it up after about 2 hours and drove home with no problems .This morning I started it up at my home and had no faults . I also drove the car out of the garage too and it did not fail . Trevor May.


Thank you for the follow up. :smiley: