Occasional starting


1993 F-150 six cylinder did not start after returning from store. Next day truck ran but later that day would start. It would turn over but would not get the umph that starts. I changed the fuel filter which was extremely dirty and then the truck started and ran fine for three days. Yesterday it died in the parking lot of a local business. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you for comments


Hmm, since the fuel filter was so dirty, I suspect that the fuel intake system (injectors) are crudded up to…If you can get it running, add injector cleaner (I use Lucas) to the fuel…take it for a nice drive to try and blow all of the junk out…You may need to replace the injectors…and clean the throttle body too.

Now that I think about it, check the ignition spark too. I had a similar problem several years ago when an ignition coil was going bad.


Thank you for the advice about the coil. I found that the wires attached to coil were very loose. Tightening up these wires resulted in the instant firing up of the truck


You are not the only one to have coil problems; many F150 owners of that era have them. I was going to suggest the coil, but the prior post already pointed it out.