Fuel tank fills slowly

I recently had a fuel pump replaced on an 04 Grand Caravan and since the work was completed it takes forever to fill the gas tank. I can put in a small amount and then the pump shuts off. I wait a minute then continue with the same thing happening each time until the tank is full. The mechanic looked at the tank and said there was no visible kinks in the filler hose. He said he would need to research the problem and would get back to me. I think he just doesn’t want to drop the tank again. What could be the problem. Maybe with your answers I can expedite the repairs. Thanks

Since the mechanic probably had to lower the tank to replace the fuel pump, it is possible that the fill vent line got kinked. This line allows fuel vapor to exit the tank back to the filler neck or the canister if you have Onboard Fill Vapor Recovery system (which you probably do). Have the mechanic go back in and check that part of the system. Also have s/him check the operation of the OFVR part of the canister.

Hope that is what the problem is.