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2004 Chrysler Town and Country Rear Suspension System

What is so different about the 2004 Chrysler Town and Country suspension system that there are virtually no options to beef it up for towing? There are options such as Air Lifts for all the years prior to 2004 and after 2004, but not for the one specific year of 2004. I have been asking around and nobody seems to know what is so different.

I want to be able to have people sitting in the back seats while towing a small trailer. This is not a problem of gross max weight. I just want to keep the back from sagging too low.

Any ideas?

Uh . . . Eh ? No ?


You Don’t Say !

You don’t say if you’ve got FWD or AWD. It looks like some rear shocks fit FWD T&Cs, but not AWD T&Cs.