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Towing Issues with 2016 Town & Country

Planning on going to North Carolina from Miami (770 miles) with my Motorcycle in my single axle trailer.
Trailer weighs about 1200 lbs., and bike weighs 900.
Just put on a Reese bolt on trailer hitch, and wiring system.
My concern is will the rear end droop too much? Stock suspension.
Can I make this trip safely? This will not be a regular thing, and I won’t be towing it around, just up, 5 days later, home again.
Some mountains going into Carolina, one or two 6 degree grades.
How about cruising at 70?
Not much in the van, one small suitcase, and me.

Check your owners manual to be sure. Those folks designed your van, they know what it should and should not be doing.


The rear end drop is relative to the tongue weight. Too much tongue weight and yes the rear end will drop, too little tongue weight and you will feel like you are on a salmon swimming upstream. Check the manual for towing weight specs, happy trails. Tongue weight is controlled by the balance of weight over the axle of the trailer.

Had a boat doing the wiggly waggy at 65mph, just moved the 2 6 gal full gas tanks to the bow of the boat an all was fine.


Many Chrysler minivans have load leveling shocks in the rear, look under the van to see if you have the large diameter shock absorbers, they are about 2 1/2" in diameter.

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Thanks! Think the 60% front of axle rule should work.
Although, I just lolled, my trailer’s axle is quite a distance from the tongue.
I’ll load it, drive, and reposition as needed.
Thanks, maybe I should buy a 5 gallon can for gas :slight_smile:

Thanks, did not see them.
I may go for them and a tranny cooler when I get back.

Yep! Good advice.
It sounded like there was no issue, other than to not use C/C in hills (DOH) and put into trailer mode (O/D) in a steep rade area.

Yes at times if you are switching between od gear and regular gears, driving without OD is the recommended practice, ps if you do need weight in trailer for balance water is cheaper than gas.

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Yeah, I am thinking I can just balance the load, 60/40.
Doubt I need any extra weight.
The only issue is if I had to move the weight back, the axle is so far back, already about 60% of the way from the front, I would not have the room.
Should be OK. I have carried it behind my RV, and felt no sway at all. I mean, I know it is a an RV, ut I would thinkg SOMETHING would make itself known.

If you’ve towed that trailer and bike before and it wasn’t waggled all over the highway, you are probably OK with balance. The T&C isn’t really a tow vehicle, per se but the low overall weight of the load should be OK. 900 lb bike? Either a Harley or a Gold Wing I’d bet…

Just check the trailer lights for proper function and make sure the trailer tires are in good shape and can be pulled at 70 mph. Tires marked “Trailer Only” (or ST) can have a speed rating as low as 65 mph. Car tires on the trailer, no problems with 70 mph.

Thanks, Harley Ultra.
Tows well and have never had issues.
Full size tires on the trailer.
Really only put the hitch so I can make runs to the dump or pick up new grill or smoker etc.
Can’t imagine more than 2-3 very short, lite trips a year.

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If it’s in the limits in your manual, I’d just keep the speed down, should be fine.

does van have warranty?
does towing affect warranty?
van has hitch? so it has tow package?

Hitch is aftermarket.
Yes, added a warranty, do not think it does, but guess I better check!
Thanks for that thought.

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He was the greatest, eh?

I doubt you’ll have any issues for that little weight. I’d be surprised if the tongue weight is over 200lbs.

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How much will van be loaded on this trip?
Passngers. Luggage. Coolers. Trailer.
Exceed total gross vehicle weight?

I think Chrysler van trans and towing and shudder… Not good

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Yes, I guess after I look at that impossible is something.
It will just be me and a light suitcase in the van, nothing else
The tongue weight on the trailer is about I don’t know maybe 200 pounds at most
The good thing is is between here in West Palm Beach, I have a friend of mine who has a light aluminum motorcycle trailer, so it gets to be too much I’ll stop and swap trailers with him

Blame any Miss Stakes on Siri.