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Chrysler Stow In' Go

Somewhere after 2003 the Chrysler T&C as well as Dodge Caravans began using the Stow In" Go seating arrangements. My question is this: Since 2014 are there any T&Cs with out the Stow In’ Go.
Since my 2014 came without a emergency spare (? temp or cookie) but yet a cradle dropped from the front seat, has any safely modified the cradle to carry a regular 17in rimed tire.
Thank You
New Aged Crip

If you are asking about modifications to allow you to carry a full size spare, you might find something like this.

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I’ve driven caravans and Town and Country for years. If there is a mod for putting a full size under vehicle. Don’t do it. The hoist is barely sufficient for the donut. As a matter of fact I think anyone with these vehicles should lower and lift the spare at least 4 times a year just to keep it from locking up. Learned from experience. Spare on a lift gate wouldn’t work. Purebred has the right idea if you want a full size.

Yeah, and if you drive it in the winter, that wheel will collect no end of salt and rust out before you need it.


I don’t know the answer, but if you ask at the minivan forum at you will be in the company of FCA minivan owners. I’ve been helped there a few times over the years with my Plymouth Voyager and now Chrysler Town and Country. Good luck and please let us know what you find.

Thank you for the 2 reply’s above.

Can any one answer me the first part of thread: Were any T&Cs or Caravans after 2014 available with just standard seating and not the Stow N’ Go.

Reason for my inquiry: My wife and I (both early 80’s and w 4’ ,me 5’4) have been with Caravans since 1984. We did not need the Grand because it made a tight fit in the garage and all our kids (8) have vacated the nest. I drive a 1500 Ram she uses the Caravan exclusively. We slowly began to notice as we aged we both were shrinking in height (natural phenomena). We slowly began to appreciate that with the Caravan doors open we could turn as we entered the vehicle and our butts easily contacted the outer edge of the seat and we easily pivoted into the vehicle without stress and strain. Also exiting the vehicle was extremely easy. We began a campaign of encouraging other elderly friends how easy it was to enter and exit our vehicle when we noted that their vehicles (standard Caddy, Chevy’s, Dodges, etc.) were much lower and they had to literally climb out of a hole to exit. A few years back we had the need to obtain a new “Mini Van” but Chrysler went to Pacifica or Journey which “chopped” down window size and raised the frame. This imposed a great convenience for my wife’s driving comfort and safety. I found that the 2014 T&C retained the window height which satisfied her need and it was obtained. But we slowly realized that because of Stor N’ Go the wheel went to 17 rim from the 16 in previous models. Because of osteoporosis, wife and I have both shrunk further and the climb in and out has become more difficult.
Are there any other minivans that have remained the height (16 rim) without chopping the window size and have a donut emergency wheel?

You can look at any manufactures web site build your own feature and that way you can choose a few to look at in person. As for the ease of entry and exit that is such a personal thing that a in person test drive is necessary.

As for the spare problem a road side service can be had for several years for the price of a wheel and tire set.

Edit : As a side note a friend who sells Kia says the Kia Soul was meant as a target for young people but he sells more to retired people because of size and entry and exit for them.

Someone at allpar says they’ve seen barebones 2016 Caravans without center seats.

A Chrysler dealer might be the best source for an overall answer to your questions. Someone there may be familiar with the variations, and have a good memory or data base. They may even have in stock one that works well for you and your wife. Worth a call, I’d say.

You seem to be under the impression that the wheel size of a car determines the seat height. Normally when a larger-diameter wheel is used the sidewall height of the tire is reduced, keeping approximately the same tire diameter, so this generally isn’t a factor in the seat height.

In any event, I know that many seniors have commented that the seat height of small SUVs like the RAV4 works well for them. If you don’t need a minivan, take a look at some of those.

No, I think he just wants the security of having a full size spare.
But in my 52 years of driving I have only used a spare twice. But must admit neither time would fix-a-flat have worked. But the donut tire was fine.

Are you going to change the tire if it goes flat? At your ages, I bet not. Get roadside assistance. You may already have it as part of your auto insurance policy, or your insurer may have a rider for it. We pay $5/year for the rider on our policy.

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Dear jtsanders and a few responders above. I am not talking about changing a flat tire, I am referring to a blown, shredded irreparable, unable to hold any air or tons of green gloop tire. I not only have AAA but also USAA roadside assistance. Now either I drive it on the rim which will be destroyed in no time or have them tow (tilt bed ) me to nearest tire company, which so happens to be closed Sunday at 5PM and not opened till Monday AM. I am 80+ yrs old and can still can change a blown tire on my Dodge Ram 15oo with 19inch rims. A little temp donut may never be used but like insurance you pay for it and hope you never need it ,till you need it. I am not trying to be snide or disrespectful but I am thinking about my wife or daughter alone driving home without me .

They are not going to change a tire are they ? Seriously , just look for a vehicle with a donut spare that is easy to get to .Very few vehicles come with full size spares now. When was the last time you had a flat ? I have had 2 in the last 18 years .

The spare could be secured behind the rear seat, which can be slid pretty close to the hatch, or on top between the crossbars of the roof rack. A Chrysler dealer may have someone who can answer your question about whether it can be carried underneath. I am curious about it, too, and wish you luck.

My wife and I like the shorter Chrysler vans, which they dropped for the 2008s, so we found a decent used 2007 SWB T&C to replace our rusty 1999 Plymouth Voyager.

Please teach me. I have an old (23 model-years), low-miles Dodge Caravan (short wheel-base) that I leave here in Florida and use it for half the year (that’s how long winter is in the north). We drive it almost daily. This vehicle has been fantastic for all 23 years (purchased new)!

There are tons of gorgeous Stow & Go Dodge Grand Caravans and Chrysler Town & Country vans for sale here, used. I want one! We haul people and 4 folding bikes or golf clubs or beach chairs/cabanas when we have visitors from frozen latitudes. We also haul furniture, etcetera.

I haven’t done my homework, yet, only window shopping online.

Are both of these vehicles now discontinued? If so which model-year end?

Is one better than the other?

Any words of wisdom on what to look for that is specific to these machines (engine, transmission options, vehicle options, etcetera)?


The Grand Caravan is still available, but rumor has it that they will only be built for half the 2019 MY and then discontinued. That same rumor says it will be replaced by a much smaller people hauler. The TandC was discontinued after 2016 and was replaced by the Pacifica. The name is attached to a minivan this time.

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Thanks, JT! I appreciate it! I’d probably do well shopping the Dodge then.

I dont know of any T&C’s but the cheapo Grand Caravans you can still get 2nd row bench seats . Or you can find a late model VW Routan which I don’t thin k Chrysler used stow and go in .

I found a partial solution. There is a carrier for full size tire/wheels that inserts into a 2 inch hitch receiver. But it does not drop down to access the lift gate.