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Rear shocks

I am going to be putting a trailer hitch on this vehicle to pull a small trailer, 4x6 and i would like to put a heavier type of rear shock on the car but don’t really know what type to use. the heaviest weight I’ll be carrying will not be over 800lbs.

Thank you


A small trailer like that typically doesn’t need additional springs on the back, especially for a very occasional tow. Approx. 80 lbs. of tongue weight (10% of towed weight) should be no more than adding a passenger to the rear seat.

If this will be a very regular tow, you need to think about upgrading to a bigger car with a better tow rating, an installed trans cooler and better set of gears.

Nice. Thank you, the use will be once or twice a year hauling a 650 motorcycle 560 lbs and an occasional trash run. the info was a great help

I’d recommend that you check your owner’s manual before towing. Even thouogh 800 lbs + a small trailer doesn’t sound like much, there’s the brakes, the tranny, the cooling system, and other safety items to consider, especially if you’ll be driving in hilly terrain.

Make sure you slow down before you turn. No heavy braking during turns is a good idea. If I were making up ignorant rules I’d say “no towing with Volkswagens”. Then I’d have to list every other car not to tow with. So lets pretend I didn’t say that.

Shocks do not HOLD UP / support any wieght.
Is that what you’re trying to do, support the hitch and trailer ?
Is so, it’s helper springs you need. Shocks control the bounce of the springs.

But, yes strong shocks will help greatly to control the cornering , sway and trailer induced bounce.

OOOOKKK. Your funny but the car is very strong and the owners manual does have a towing section and Iwill be well within specs.

checked manual towing section and I will be within spec under 1500 lbs.


interesting. I want to be sure i don’t incur any rear end sag, the info on corning and sway is good. I come from the old load leveler days with shocks so i think a pair of spring over would do the job

I forgot to notice that you were asking about shocks. I don’t know a good answer but a woman I knew said that a shop put some heavy duty struts on her Grand Am and it rode like a dump truck. Maybe super duper struts are available for Grand Ams but not Cabrios.

When all we had were rear wheel drive cars with leaf springs or live axles there were numerous options. There may be something in those magazines at the book store. I’ve seen a lot of bikes in the bed of pickup trucks and OK I’ll admit it, on trailers too. If you have 40,000 miles on your old struts, maybe you could want new ones.

If you really do have shocks, there are probably a number of options. I want a trike with a trunk and doors. Fifteen years ago I thought we would all be driving much smaller vehicles. I guess I thought I would be recommending not to tow with trikes.

I’m not ahead of my time, just ahead of my daydreams.

yea… I think I’ve got it figured out and i appreciate all the feed back I received from everyone. i hope you all realize your dreams

If my dreams come true, run for it.