Chrysler Town & Country Rear Shocks


Where can I find a good OEM replacement for my 2001 Chrysler T&C rear shocks? The Chrysler service department tells me they are a normal duty/load leveling shock that runs around $350.00 per shock. We had the original shocks replaced earlier this summer but they are not doing the job. Back end of the van is definitely sitting lower then with the original shocks.


If the back is sagging the shocks are probably not the problem. Springs support the weight. Do you haul a lot of weight? You could try adding some inflateable


If they are the air shocks and you have an automatic levelling system, the lines might be leaking and the shocks will do nothing but absorb worries. The lines or the compressor can be replaced.


I received the same response at my local Carquest…that is the shocks should not cause the rear to sit lower. All I know is that with the OEM shocks (which had about 130,000 miles on them when we changed them out) the stance of the vehicle was normal. With the replacement shocks, the rear sits lower. We tow a small boat, 2000 lbs, and I noticed that my chains drag the ground after installing the new shocks. Never happened before. Since the only variable that changed are the shocks, I don’t see how the springs could be affected. We also changed out the front struts. Is is possible that the front end is being pushed up by the new struts forcing the rear to sit lower?