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2005 Pacifica / Engine Movement / Clunk on fast acceleration

I have a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica FWD with 300,000 kms. On a fast acceleration there is a loud thump noise. The faster the acceleration the louder the thump. If I hit the gas hard it is almost as if I ran over something. I thought this was classic Engine Mounts. Nope, did all 4 and it is still doing the same thing.

Also, when I open the hood the engine is off a bit to the side. The prop to hold the hood open is under the power steering fluid lid. Its a pain to get unstuck, this is telling me that the engine is moving somewhat. If I pull the prop out and drive it will be back under. I have triple checked the mounts and they are all torqued to specifications.

Any suggestions?

New outer tie rods, ball joints, CV Axles, and brakes. Tires in good shape- 80% michelin lattitude’s.

Have the engine cradle inspected.

The Pacifica has a history of the engine cradle rusting out which supports the engine.


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Sub frame has been inspected and is fine. No rust, surprisingly

IT’s just got to be something to do with the way the engine is mounted into the structure of the car. If the motor mounts are securely attached to the engine and transmission then there’s something wrong at the other end, so carefully inspect the body and engine cradle to see if the cradle is coming loose from the rest of the structure.

Just have someone watch the engine (from the side) while you put in gear and give some gas while keeping brakes firmly pressed. If the engine is moving, you should be able to see it…