2004 Chrysler Pacifica - It wasn't the battery, alternator or fuel pump

new battery, new alternator. Turns over strong, but no cylinders are firing. Changed fuel pump relay and it fired up for 1 day. Exchanged fuel pump relays again with no positive results. Is this a ground issue?

Possibly a ground issue but unlikely. You will not find the actual problem just throwing parts at it. You need to diagnose the cause, not just guess.

Start by spraying starter fluid in the intake. If it starts and runs for a few seconds, you have a fuel issue. If it doesn’t, test for spark. Start there, post back or hire an auto repair shop. You likely will spend less than just tossing parts at it.


was there a no start concern before changing the alternator and battery? or did it start then?

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Good advice above to focus on an accurate diagnosis, not on replacing parts. I’m guessing the fuel pump is on the fritz, intermittent at this point. As an experiment, if I had that problem myself I might try giving that area of the gas tank a little knock with a broomstick handle, may get the pump spinning again, at least temporarily.

Just a thought… check your fuse box where the fuel pump relay plugs in. there may be corrosion or a bent connector inside not making contact.