2006 Chevolet Colorado starting issues

Fuel Pump and Fuel Pump Relay replaced after 115,000 miles. On occasion, engine will turn over but not crank … wait 10 minutes and the engine will start . No security light (passlock) or engine trouble codes displayed or recorded. Once the engine starts, it runs smoothly and normally. Problem of starting did not occur until the fuel pump and relay were replaced.

So the replacement of the fuel pump and relay were not related to a starting problem? Why were they replaced then? Was the engine not idling or running correctly?

BTW … “crank” means when the engine turns over during the starting process … that “rrrr rrrr rrrr” sound. I think you mean it cranks, but doesn’t start.

Well, that is usually caused by one of two problems. 1. No spark. 2. No fuel.

It could be other things, like anti-theft electronics, improper engine timing. But if you are quite certain it isn’t the anti-theft thing, the improper engine timing would usually prevent the car from running well when it actually did start, so it probably isn’t that. So best to first focus on the fuel and spark.

So this could be related to the fuel parts recently installed. A mechanic could check to see if the fuel pump is running during cranking. And could measure the fuel pressure. That would get to the bottom of the fuel issue. A mechanic would probably check the spark situation first, simply b/c doing that is easier than diagnostics on the fuel system. If this happens more when the engine is hot, suspect a faulty crank sensor as a likely cause. Best of luck.

Truck was performing normally when engine died … Dealer stated that fuel pump was defective and replaced. Fuel Pump relay contacts were burned and also replaced. Engine always turns over, but sometimes does not start. Situation can occur anytime, even after sitting overnight.

we had the ignition changed because of the antitheft for $480 in the spring and since then no more starting problems, but we were told that a simple cut off of wires for the antitheft would have done the job for about $40.00

I don’t know why these GM pumps are so troublesome but had bad Delco ones right out of the box. Listen for the pump to start running when you turn the key to on (not start). If it is does not run for a few seconds right away, you have either a pump, relay, or wiring problem again. The connectors were a problem for me too.