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2004 chevy silverado 2500 hd 3/4 ton

I noticed a tweeting sound coming from the front end when I start off but it seems to go away at speed,could it be the brakes or maybe the bearing,I changed the serpintine and air belts,lubed the pulleys thinking that was the problem.No noise at idle and if you rev it in park.

My inital thought is brake system generated noise.Time for a wheels off brake inspection.For my benifit,explain your “lube the pulleys” technique.

As the poster hasn’t replied to your question, I’ll take a stab at it by saying I think (s)he sprayed a lubricant from a can onto the pulley shaft/bearing to try and quiet the noise.

Now, my thought is a possible worn alternator pulley bearing (being a ‘tweeting’ sound, commonly referred to as a ‘chirping’ sound).

Need more info please

Would be nice if the posters would let us know if they even READ our attempted help!