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Truck making odd noise and brake pulsing

I have 2000 chevy silverado. About 4 months ago one of the wheel speed sensors went bad and the abs would kick on at low speed in dry conditions. I removed the abs fuse and essentially have a vehicle with no abs, as I intended. In the past few days thee are a couple of new symptoms popping up. First, there is a new highish pitched noise coming from under the hood that increases and decreases with the speed of the engine. It is loudest in the morning after a cold start, but lessens as the vehicle and the outside temp increase, but it never goes away completely. Second, there is a shuddering in the brake pedal. It does not happen all the time. If I press the brake pedal lightly and increase the pressure to come to a stop, there is no issue. If i press it quickly and firmly as if to make a quick stop, or if I have pressed it part way, release the pressure and press it again firmly, I get a shudder or stutter in the pedal. the braking performance is completely normal, it is just through the pedal that I feel the shudder. It is just once or twice quickly, and then the pedal feels normal again. i don’t know that there is any connection between the two symptoms, but they both seemed to start a few days ago. I had a brake line replaced a month ago and everything worked fine. There are no brake fluid leaks or decrease in engine performance that I can detect. Any thoughts out there? If there is more info needed I will gladly provide it. I am a very basic level handy man. I can change oil and brake pads and all basic maintenance, but not too much more. I also had a brain tumor removed 5 years ago, which may explain some of my decisions…no joke. Got a real nice big scar on my head to prove it. Any help anyone could give would be greatly appreciated.