2004 Chevy Suburban

My truck is a named “Bertina” she is a black fully loaded Suburban that has 169000 miles on her and lately I have been hearing a weird sound since I purchased my new battery. Its sounds like a pulley that makes noise when we start the car or when we idle, I do not hear it as much when we are on the highway. I am perplexed as to why this sound started after replacing my battery, help???

It is probably a coincidence. Can you record the noise and post it? Use your cell phone to take a video with sound of the area you hear it (with hood up).

If it is a rattle-type noise, replace both idler pulleys on the engine. One is for the AC belt and the other is for the belt that drives everything else. Idler pulleys on these are cheap to replace and don’t usually last to 169K. If the noise is a squealing type noise, replace the belts AND the idler pulleys while he’s in there. Have the tech check the water pump for leakage, too, you are close to being due for a replacement.

The battery is probably just a coincidence but charging it up when dropped in new, may have strained an already old belt and made it squeal.

Thanks for the great advice I will take it to my mechanic on Monday