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2004 Chevy Silverado squeaks in rear when accelerating

Hey everyone! I have a 2004 Chevy Silverado that squeaks loudly from the rear section when I accelerate up until about 25 mph where it tapers off. This happens mainly when I accelerate and rarely when I slow down, and only at low speeds. Any ideas? Thanks!!

when was the last time you had the rear brakes checked?

Is the squeak cyclical (does it sound like the same squeak over and over again in succession) or does it happen just once?

my bet would be either the rear brakes are worn out or you have a bearing going out on the rear if the squeak is constant
If it just happens once or twice during acceleration and braking, start looking at the rear suspension.

possible DRY universal joints.

becomes unaudible at different speeds.

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There have been cases of noises coming from the slip yokes of the driveshafts/transmissions on these vehicles.

The fix is to remove the driveshaft from the transmission, and lube up the splines with some molybdenum disulfide grease.


Well I haven’t had the breaks checked in a while, and after reading your post joe they seem the likely canidate because the it is the same sound over and over again that gets faster as it goes, ie the faster i’m going the faster the squeak. I can’t get into the mechanic until next week and I am supposed to go on a 4 hr. one way road trip this weekend? How fast do they go? Is it safe to drive in your opinion? Thanks so much for the responses!

If you are getting a rapid “eek-eek”, it is probably a bad U-joint. When they get bad enough you will get a little fast vibration. You don’t want to let this go to long as a front U-joint break can cause the drive shaft to dig into the pavement and pole vault the rear of the truck. A rear U-joint break just leaves the drive shaft clanking on the ground between the wheels.

Anyway, check out the U-joints just to be sure. Hope that helps.

Hey buddy, i have a 2004 chevy and it is doin the SAME thing. I have changed my brakes and installed an new U joint, and STILL nothing. Did you evr figure out what it was??? If so please let me know. Thanks

I have an 01 silverado doing the exact same thing. Did you ever figure out what it was?