2004 camry maintenance required light

what does it mean?

My wife’s 2006 Toyota Sienna “Maintenance Required” light (not to be confused with the “Check Engine Light”) comes on every 5k miles to remind the owner to change the oil.

It will take a little digging but all the information needed is in the Owner’s Manual including how to reset the light after an oil change.

Ed B.

Exactly right. It is telling you that the car believes it is time for an oil change. HOWEVER, if the last oil change was before the car thought it was ready (so the light was not on), and the oil change person neglected to reset the light (as has happened with my 2004 Camry), then the light will come on early.

READ THE MANUAL! Yes, it’s dull; but it does give you valuable info – like how often to change the oil and perform other routine maintenance, and what all those warning lights mean. Be good to your car, and it will last you a long time. Fail to maintain it, or fail to heed the warning lights, and you’ll be driving a clunker.

The owner’s manual will explain. Read the manual.