2008 scion xd maintenance needed light

recently, the “maintenance needed” light came on in my 2008 scion xd, which, according to the manual, just means the car is due for an oil change. thing is, i just had the oil changed a little less than 1,000 miles ago, so i’m not due for another 2,000+ miles. what else could this light mean (book says it ONLY means oil change needed)?

The Toyota Maintenance Required light comes on every 5k miles. The light has to be manually reset, the instructions are in the Owner’s Manual.

Ed B

I think it means that the last place that changed the oil did not reset the maintenance light. It probably wasn’t on at that service, and sometimes people forget to do the reset procedure.

well, that’s happened before, but in that case, the “maintenance needed” light stays on. this time, it blinks when i start the car, for about a minute, and then goes off. i have had it stay on before and have had to do the reset procedure. the thing is, it doesn’t stay on…it just flashes for the first 1-2 minutes after starting the car. i’ll try the reset procedure anyway and see what happens.

When your last oil change was done the maintenance lite wasn’t on so the shop forgot to reset it. When in first comes on it flashes for a few seconds and then goes off. After a week or so the reminder gets more intense and the light stays on all the time.