2004 BMW Z4 Power Steering


Steering wheel is making a whining/grinding sound on turns … anyone have clues as to what the problem might be ??

They have electric power steering on 2004 z4 (E85) the motor is in the steering column rather than the rack so should be easy to locate the noise from that motor if that’s at fault. To be honest there’s not a lot else goes wrong on those.


Thanks ! Also aside from the steering problem I noticed it started making a squealing noise like the sound of worn out brakes but it’s whenever I take off do you have an idea of what that could be ?

Is it manual or auto transmission?

It is automatic !

The manual car can suffer from a noisy bearing where the gearbox engine join but being an automatic they don’t that have that part. Obviously you’d need to have an idea roughly what area it’s coming ( engine, trans, axle etc). You can try a few things to try to narrow it down by seeing if you can get it to go away, try it in manual mode in the gearbox, try the heater off as fans can squeal when you pull away, even try reving up in neutral in case it’s an engine noise.

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Ok thanks I highly appreciate it

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You’re welcome, hope you get it sorted.

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