Singing C4 Corvette

I own a 1983/84 C4 Corvette that makes a singing noise when I turn (especially to the right) at low speed. It only happens above 5 and under 20 miles per hour when the wheel is deflected past the ten or two o’clock position. Power steering fluid is good, tires are aligned and well pumped. The noise is coming from the right side, and might be coming from the rear. Any ideas?

Is it sort of a rrrr -silence – rrrr – silence — rrrr noise? But the pitch changes up or down during the “rrrr” s? That might be a wheel bearing, more likely a non-driven wheel. The only problem with this idea is that when you turn right, the noise when turning right – if it is a wheel bearing problem – should be coming from the left side of the car. Still, I think it is worth the time it would take for your mechanic to do a quick tug/pull/listen check on the wheel bearings in all four wheels. An obstruction like a broken underbody wind screen or a faulty power steering belt/pump are other possibilities.

I thought it could have been the power steering pump too, but when I tried turning the wheel to the stops with the car standing still, it doesn’t make the noise, so it’s not the pump. I’m also more sure that the noise is coming from the rear.

It’s also possible that you have a brake wear sensor making the noise, or even a dust shield. I’ve seen/heard brake wear sensors do this.