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Grinding/Buzzing From Wheel Well, Maybe?

I’ve inherited the family car, a '95 Nissan Quest with just 98,000 miles on it. Recently I’ve noticed a grinding sound coming from the right front tire. It starts as a slight squeak as the car starts moving and as the car picks up speed, it turns into a series of squeaks, and finally a fairly loud buzzing/humming/grinding sound. Applying breaks softens the sound somewhat but it only goes away when the car is pretty much at a standstill. Turning the steering wheel doesn’t appear to affect the sound. I suspected bad wheel bearings or loose pads or something but my mechanic says it may be coming from the engine compartment, near the power steering pump. Otherwise, my brakes/bearing appear to be fine. Should I trust my mechanic? Turning the steering wheel to one side or another doesn’t make the characteristic whine of a bad power steering system. I appreciate the help!

If a mechanic did a wheels off brake inspection and calls all is in order,you either trust him or find another mechanic,I can’t understand why he would call them good if they are not.It is difficult to understand how a noise you clearly pin point comming from right front tire,is said to come from the power steering area.

For me it sounds like brakes,I would look myself