2002 VW Passat Problem

I have a 2002 VW Passat. It’s manual and is 4 cylinders. When I turn the steering wheel, it makes a high pitched squeel or sqeek noise. When you turn it back to center it’s fine and doesn’t make any noise when you turn it to the left. What could this be?

I just realized I forgot to mention that it only makes this noise when the steering wheel is being turned to the right.

Can you conclude noise is not from steering column or steering wheel contacting something.

Another test could be lifting the front wheels and turning the steering wheel,seeing if the noise is dependant upon load on the front wheels.

I am just putting out ideas,seeing if it creates a idea in your mind.

Maybe the power steering pump belt slipping due to adjustment or the rack is binding.

Power steering belt slipping is most probable cause.