2004 Acura TSX window problems

My 2004 Acura TSX has been at the dealer’s for service for a malfunctioning driver’s side window – 5 times. The glass seems to get off track, warp the rubber seal, and go up and down excrutiatingly slowly and then not move at all. The dealer has replaced the regulator once and the rubber gasket between the glass and the window frame several times. Now the dealer says it’s not covered under 100K warranty. This is very frustrating. I can tell when it’s about to go awry because the interior side panel presses against my purse which is wedged between me and the door. As soon as I start feeling this pressure when opening and closing the window, it starts to work slowly and eventually need to be manually pulled up to a closed position. Can anyone help?

Did you buy this car used? It may have been in an accident prior.

Contact Acura customer service if the dealer is giving up. They are on the hook for prior repairs they performed and if a 100k extended warranty for that also.

tell the dealership to just replace the bloody door and be done with it. And they can’t deny warranty coverage just because they don’t know what’s wrong, or they don’t feel like fixing it.

thank you for the responses. I have escalated the problem to Acura customer relations, but the lady is referring back to the “district manager” for the dealer. the dealer claims the window was tampered with, but we disagree since it has happened so often and there is no evidence of a break-in. And yes, I purchased this car new – even waited several months to get it!