Power Window-Rock in it

I have a Newer Acura TL-Type S. The window squeaks when I roll it up and down. I think there is a rock stuck in it because now there is a scratch forming on the window from rolling it up and down. What can I do to fix it?? Please any help would be great…

You’ll have to remove the inner door panel to inspect this fault.

I suspect the scratching is not from any rock.

Hopefully it is still under warranty. If so take it to your dealer and let them deal with it.

cut a plastic soda bottle into a long strip. work the plastic strip in between the glass and the rubber weather stripping. slide the plastic side to side a little bit in the area where the scratch is to try to dislodge the sand grit from the fuzzy weather strip. if you can lift the weather strip off the glass, you could also spray a garden hose (quickly and briefly) down into the gap to try to wash it out too. If this is along the front or back sides, then you may have to clean the whole track. It is a possibility that if you have enough dirt in there that you may need NEW rubber window guides/tracks/seals.

Did you by any chance get the windows tinted? If so, and you didn’t have the shop install moleskin on the window guides, that’s why you’re scratching. The TL’s window clearances are very tight by design.

What do you think it is, thats scratching the window? I don’t know if I really want to remove the door panel, just because I know there are a lot of sensors in my car that I don’t want to screw up.

So basically I need to clean that window weather strip? so if I don it the way you say to, i won’t damage anything in the door, right? I hope I can get it fixed soon, because right now I am not rolling that window down but it’s hard because it’s the driver-side window. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to fix this problem. Thank you.

No, I didn’t get it tinted.

There MAY be a worn or loose metal piece touching the window.

Where exactly is the scratch on the window?

It is on the outside, drivers side, by where the lock is, going up and down, I notices there is another one starting right next to it but it’s not as noticeable.