2004 Acura TSX - Overheated Ignitor Socket


The drivers side headlight works intermittently. The Acura service station determined that it was an overheated ignitor socket. They will charge me $425 to repair. Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Are ignitor sockets part of a xeon headlight system? Sounds like a dealer price. Seek second opinion. Is it somekind of terminal or connector or do you think it is a component with electronic circuts inside. I am trying to justify the price. Is there lots of electrical repair time involved? or just a expensive part? I notice you say service station do you mean Acura dealer?


Yes. It is part of a xenon headlight system. The service quote was prepared by the Acura dealer. I will definitely get another opinion. Thanks!


This car has a 4 year, 50,000 warranty. Are you in or out of warranty? By how much? Was there a recall? Or a service bulletin? Contact Acura Regional representative and see if they will cover this problem. It’s a safety issue.


Unfortunately, I am way over 50,000. No recall, but I will check with the regional representative. Thanks!