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04 tsx drl module

Was trying to locate where my drl module is. The drl indicator appeared on my dashboard and when lights don’t work as well. When I high-beam my passenger lights only work too. I checked under the steering while and I haven’t located it, I also removed the glovebox and checked inside. Still no luck. It’s the grey box with a 14 pin wire socket

Have you changed the bulbs?
It’s very common for one light to go out and the driver not realize it until the other goes out too.

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What does this mean?

DRL Relay Control Module is in the under-hood fuse box. I think driver’s side. Appears to be a square module several inches on side.

The lighting control module is just 50 bucks at the Zone, 30 at Rock Auto.
A 2x2x3-Ish black box with a six wire plug . .both do not say WHERE on the car it is.
Could even be out under the hood plugged into a harness somewhere.

It seems the thing to do is put the working bulb or bulbs in place of the ones that don’t. That would at least tell you if you just need bulbs or have another problem.

Model Year: 04

Model: TSX? That is the model, right?


Sorry, they must not sell the TSX around here. I’m not familiar with it, but I’d like to help if possible.

Acura brand


Thanks Ken. What a difference it makes looking up a car if you know the make! I thought it was Honda (not sold within 100+ miles of here, either), but I had no luck.
I guess TSX is actually the model. I wouldn’t know a TSX from an MGB. Foreign cars are scarce around here!

I wouldn’t have known what a TSX is either, except I seem to remember there was a recall on some of the TSX automatic transmissions a while back. Sort of a surprise b/c of what had always been until then a pretty good Acura reliability rating.