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2004 accord whinning noise

I have a 2004 accord exl (4 cyl) and it’s making a whining noise. At 1st I thought it was the serpentine belt but then listen closer and it’s seems like it’s the water pump pulley (top pulley). I sprayed it with silicon oil and it minimized it but still comes back some with driving. The car has 110.5K miles on it. Kind of early for the water pump to go but what do you guys think??? The belt is original and doesn’t seem too bad. so I guess the bearings are going and it’s time to change the belt and the water pump. Anyone else see this or agree with me that this is the issue??? thanks for any comments. I’ll take it in to the shop next week for their diagnosis.

also, I believe the car has a timing chain and I won’t change that till it clicks 200K or so.


In my opinion, the belt is making the noise.

You’ve got enough miles. Replace it and take it from there.

My '81 and '88 Accords had water pumps that started whining late in their lives.

I revisited the engine compartment and sprayed the belt again with belt ease ( I know, it’s frowned upon). the noise goes away for 30 seconds and then comes back. Now I’m thinking it’s the belt and not the water pump. I called Honda and 527 for a new water pump/coolant. Add 70 more for a new belt. yikes. they rob you blind. thanks for any replies (which I have to read).

yes, I will take it in to a Honda equivalent repair shop. I can replace the belt and go from there and see if the noise is there. When my camry water pump went, it just leaked from the seal and didn’t make any noise. I’m thinking belt now too. they only have 111K on the darn thing. oh well, that’s only 75 at the Honda equivalent repair place.

111K usage out of a serpentine belt is nothing to be ashamed of

Drive belt. The belts no longer crack with age, the ribs in the belt wear down, so the belt doesn’t ride properly in the pulleys. (Gates will mail you a free depth gauge to measure the ribs.) If your Accord hasn’t already had the return line o-ring on the power steering pump replaced, it causes a whine when first started cold, it lets air get sucked into the system. Replace the hose from the reservoir to the pump at the same time. It gets hard, and lets air get in too.

The belt on my 2006 Matrix started squeaking on cold mornings after 5 years and 27k miles.
Changed it myself for $30.

The belt on my 2005 Scion is a PITA to change. I have to have my neighbor (a great guy) to hold the tensioner compressed while I thread the belt. To call working space limited would be generous.

With whining involved, I would suspect there’s a problem with a belt tensioner pulley bearing as it would be difficult to see a water pump whining.

After having sprayed the belt with silicone oil as you describe it, a belt is needed for sure as the belt is now contaminated.