Power steering pump issue

2000 Honda Accord. Lots of whining-whirring noise when turning the steering wheel so I replaced the power steering pump. Then replaced the fluid and I did use the Honda fluid. But even with the new pump and fluid I’m still getting the whining-whirring sound from the pump when turning. Now what?

Try replacing the drive belt, and check condition of the pulley and pulley alignment. I’ve heard of cases where the car owner discovers the drive belt has 3 grooves, but the pulley only has 2, indicating an incompatible belt was installed at some point.

Thanks. Grooves match up and the alignment looks ok from just looking at. I’ll go ahead and replace the belt. Is belt tension an issue? Because there’s only one position and seemingly no way to adust it.

Yes, tension is an issue, however your engine uses a “tensioner” that automatically keeps the proper tension. Said tension is not adjustable.

The attached link should give you lots of info on this. At 15 years old, you may want to replace the tensioner in addition to the serp belt. I recommend it.

Did you replace this O-ring?:

There was an o-ring in the bag that the new pump came in. I didn’t even know it was there. I’ll put it on tomorrow and let you know. Thanks,