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Waterpump Replacement

I have honda accord 2004. I took my car for 90K miles service at the dealership. They informed me that car’s water pump bearing was making noise and requires replacement. They also mentioned I need to replace drive belt as well. I called few auto shop around my area and most of the auto shop folks asked me if it were time belt and not drive belt. I have print-out saying it is drive belt. One of the auto shop told me to replace thermostat as well since it is already 90 K miles. So I have water pump, drive belt, timing belt and thermostat on my list. I need to know what should I cross of from my list and what needs to be added since I will have to replace water pump eventually. I appreciate all your help.

For me, your post is pretty hard to read, however, I think I get it.

Timing belt
Water pump
Serpentine belt (you’re calling it the drive belt, or accessories belt)
Tensioner - That’s an add, I think

I don’t see a reason to replace the thermostat, if you’ve never had a problem with it, but it’s pretty cheap, so up to you, or the mechanic you trust. It’s not normally changed with this service.

I agree with chaissos.
Your timing belt is coming up on the point (7.5 years/105k miles) for replacement anyway, so the list that chaissos gave you is an accurate one. The only modification that I would make to that list is to add an “s” to the word tensioner. All belt tensioners–for both the timing belt and the serpentine belt–should be replaced at this time.

Incidentally, don’t be surprised in a Honda dealer has a somewhat lower price for this work than independent shops. I have observed that Honda dealers frequently seem to have the best prices for timing belt replacement, even though they charge more for all their other services.

Is your Accord a 4 or 6 cyl? The 4 cyl is a timing chain, the 6 cyl has a timing belt. If you have a 4 cyl, only the water pump and the drive belt would need replacement.

Accord is 4 cyl LX model.

Thanks a lot to everybody.

I agree but I like to get everything preventative done at one time. Because access is so limited, I would replace the serpentine, radiator hoses, any drive or serpentine belts, and the thermostat. Everything will be open and extra labor is minimal.

I recommend changing the thermostat every 5 years on a daily driver.
It’s cheap and it can get sticky and reduce your MPG gradually.

I would add:
Change the transmission fluid/oil if it’s over 30k miles.
Change brake fluid every 3 years, 2 if it has ABS.