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My Honda Accord is making whining on start-up

My Honda Accord 2004 is making a whining sound when I start it up. It fades while driving buy it comes back every time the car accelerates from 1st to 2nd. It is an automatic but it is about that time frame that the sound occurs.

I’ve checked most things but am no expert. Transmission fluid, power steering, antifreeze, battery are all topped off and I just had an oil change (where I did use regular vs. synthetic which might be a factor but I don’t know).

I also recently had the serpentine belt fixed but it sounds like the noise is coming from that area when the hood is up.

Can someone help with advice.

If it sounds like a loud squealing/squeaking, it can be that it is coming from the transmission. Since you mentioned it happens also when you stop and go.

A whine form the belt area of the motor could be alternator or power steering pump. The other end of the engine would be more likely transmission. It can make noise for a long time before anything fails. If you can demo it for a mechanic, they can dig in and fix the problem. Or you can wait until it gets worse. It will be much easier to find.

In the meantime, if the transmission fluid has not been changed, I’d certainly have it done. Since the filter in this car isn’t easily changed, I’d have it flushed at a proper auto shop, NOT some speedy lube place!

In addition to Mustangman’s good advice I want to add another possibility.
It is entirely possible that the noise is emanating from one of the pulleys that the serpentine belt rides on.
After 12 years, the bearings in those pulleys can be problematic.

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Thanks everyone. All good advice.

The noise stopped after everything was topped off. I found that the transmission fluid was low. Added because it was flushed at a previous Honda dealer visit per owner manual. May have a leak so I’ll keep my eyes on it.

Battery was low and now it is sporadic. I’ll probably get a new one if it dies completely.

Thanks again, JlZ

Just replace battery now. Chances are it will die completely someplace where it might be dangerous or at the very least inconvenient .

If the fluid was low enough to cause whining noises from the transmission, that is a fairly ominous sign.
Yes, keep checking the level and replenishing as necessary, but I would advise that you start putting money aside for a transmission overhaul, just in case my suspicions regarding transmission damage turn out to be true.

In the short term, as Volvo V70 advised, it would be a good idea to replace the battery soon, rather than having to incur the cost and the inconvenience of a tow.

Here’s a tip to isolate where noises are coming from if it happens again. A length of old garden hose makes a sort of engine stethoscope.

You can do the belt test to find the culprit. Remove the belt and start the engine. Check if you still hear the whining.

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Battery replaced.

Noise is noticeable but less so when idelling at a stop.

When car is on in park, or revved in neutral, no noise.

Good advice on settings aside $ for transmission overhaul, etc. I checked the transmission fluid level and might have over filled it but I am not sure.

Sometimes alternators will make a whining noise like that, or something on the belt path of the alternator. If turning on the headlights (on bright) and otehr high power current draws (like electrical rear window defrosters) makes it worse, that would be consistent with it being associated w/ alternator load. A new battery will reduce the load on the alternator, so that part is consistent anyway.

Here is a photo of how much transmission stick is over. But I might be wrong. What should I do if anything?

Yes, the level does appear to be a little high, but what would concern me MUCH more is the color of the fluid.
You should see pinkish-reddish fluid on the rag, not brownish fluid.
I would advise having the trans fluid and trans filter changed a.s.a.p., being sure to use ONLY *genuine" Honda trans fluid. Other fluids are not compatible with Honda transmissions.