2004 ACCORD EX - DOORS don't lock

Any idea why electronic door locks not operating on this car? No issues w/ unlock.

Define not locking.

Drivers door switch not locking one or all doors?

All door switches not locking?

Remote keyless not locking?

Driver switch not locking all doors… and remote keyless is not locking all doors. Able to unlock all doors w/ switch and remote key… also can set alarm w/ remote key, if I manually lock each door.

I dont have wiring diagrams for an 04 Accord, but i presume this has a lock relay that is wired to the door switches & to an alarm module.

The switches or alarm module simply ground the voltage from the lock relay.

Since nothing works to lock the doors, I would check for a bad lock relay.

Hope this helps. Do you have the lock circuit wiring diagrams?