Power windows

Hi Guys,

The power windows on my 07 Accord aren’t working, except for the driver’s window. The passanger windows switch on the driver’s door is off, and I can hear the relays in each door click when I press the buttons from the driver’s door controls. However, I don’t hear the relays when I try to operate the windows from the individual door controls. The car has in-channel window visors, and I am not sure if this could be a culprit for the issue. Thanks guys!


Sounds like a master switch issue. It’s locking out the local switches …and has other issues of its own preventing the opening remotely too.

Is your Accord still under warranty?

If I understand you correctly, the windows do not move when you press the switch from either the driver’s console or the individual doors. Is this also true when the passenger window switch on the driver’s console is set on?