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2004 4Runner 90,000 Service DIY?

My question is should I attempt a 90,000 mile service for my Toyota 4Runner? It’s a 4WD V8 Limited. I am very handy if I have a book or some reference to tell me what to do. To date, I have done break jobs, oil changes, and other basic maintenance. Another option which I’m not sure about is should I try to change the things I know I can, i.e. spark plugs, oil, brakes, (possibly) timing belt, and then take it in and let them do the rest or will that still cost me close to the same amount?

Thanks for any helpful advice in advance.

The timing belt is by far the most technical thing on the list. Only if you have the tools and are extremely good at reading directions and problem solving would I attempt the timing belt.

How difficult are the rest of the items on a 90,000 mile service? The 4WD lubing, the drive shaft and other things? Should I attempt those? I just found TIS, Toyota Information Service that supposedly has information for service shops that you can subscribe to. Would this be a good way to get the info I need to do the service?

If you want to deal with it I’d just blow $20 on a repair manual from an auto parts store. These tend to be fairly bare bones. But Chapter 1 is often all of the basic maintenance procedures (spark plugs, filters, fluids, etc). It should also include the service schedule including a 90K list that you can check against your owner’s manual.

You can also look over the timing belt procedure and decide whether or not you want to tackle it. You’ll make back your $20 on the manual fast.