4Runner Maintenance

Dear maintenance experts,

We have a 2005 4runner with 75,000 miles that we recently took to the dealer because the coolant level was low. Turns out we need a new timing case cover, oil gasket, and water pump.
Question 1 - is this normal to happen on a 2005 4runner with 75,000
Question 2 - How much is a reasonable amount to pay for this repair? Evidently, it is a laborious repair.

Thanks for your help,


The dealer will suggest replacing every part that is remotely close to being faulty.

It’s what they do. It increases their profit and it keeps their customers happy because it prevents problems before they become problems.

Some people think that’s a good thing.

An independent mechanic may have recommended replacing only the water pump, but at only 75K miles this may or may not be necessary.

Just guessing. I’m not a mechanic, and I can’t see your engine.

Have you consulted the maintenance schedule that came with the owner’s manual? Perhaps you should.

I don’t know why the timing case cover would need replacement, but I can’t see the timing case cover. I’m assuming it’s a large metal or plastic thing. More likely plastic.

Hard to believe it’s broken.

Oil gasket? There are many oil gaskets. MANY. Unless you tell us which gasket is being replaced we can’t really say much.

I wouldn’t say it’s NORMAL…I have a 05 4runner with over 180k miles…and I never had that problem.

How well have you maintained the cooling system???

Sounds like the water pump is leaking? Take the truck to an independent shop for an evaluation before letting the dealer touch it. Sounds like a “pumped” up list of stuff to me. If the water pump needs to be replaced, do the timing belt job along with that if the motor has a timing belt.

Its a machine. Sometimes they break.

Like others have said, you don’t need to take this vehicle to a dealer. Any competent mechanic can evaluate your cooling system, check for leaks, and repair as needed.