1994 ford windstar van


my ford windstar van’s abs light is on and i added fluid but it still will not go off. occasionalyy, when breaking, it will make a noise?


ford windstar van abs light will not go off. occasionally it will make a noise when breaking. i added fluid


The ABS Inductor (?) Rings came loose on the left and right CV axles on my 98 Windstar. The ring looks like a toothed gear, when it came loose on the axles it would occasionally catch on something and make a grinding noise. If you get underneath the front of the van and inspect the axles, you see if it’s loose or not.

I had one replaced under warranty at 35k, my mechanic put in a rebuilt axle to fix the other one at 67k.

Ed B.


Likely it has stored error codes telling you why the light is on. The trick is not all codes are read the same way and I have no idea how yours is read.

You may want to check the owner’s manual or maybe someone will know.

Those codes should tell you why the light is on.